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Increase your lifetime income by 1 million or more

Our online learning academy combines over 40 years' worth of experience into

an all-inclusive online course. Explore all that the financial accelerator course has to offer, and discover how to increase your lifetime income by more than $1,000,000.

Imagine the Possibilities

"Financial freedom is available to all those who learn about it and work for it.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Watch the 8 Steps to Financial Independence

Take control of your financial future and increase your lifetime income.

This self-guided online learning course will teach you everything you need to know to enhance your lifetime income by a minimum of 1-million.

Whether you are trying to pay down debt or transition into retirement, every chapter of this course has the potential to accelerate your path to financial independence. Learn how to...

  • Pay down debt and leverage your credit to beat the banks
  • Optimize your investment options to increase your net income
  • Learn how you can reduce or even eliminate all future taxes

The Power of BUDGET

  • Set goals to achieve your dreams
  • Work backward to create a plan
  • Track your expenses
  • Adjust your budget to stay on track

Mastering CREDIT

  • Learn how banks exploit you
  • Establish credit
  • Monitor and maintain your credit
  • Use the banks' strategies against them


  • Consider all the possible emergencies
  • Create a strategy to cover them all
  • Understand all your options
  • Make sure earnings exceed inflation


  • Learn all of your investment options
  • Consider volatility risk
  • Minimize fees
  • Calculate the expense of taxes

Optimize your INCOME

  • Invest in income-producing assets
  • Create guaranteed income for needs
  • Prioritize tax-free income investments
  • Optimize your social security

Reduce/Eliminate TAXES

  • Learn about the future of tax rates
  • Pay income taxes now vs. later?
  • Eliminate taxes from Social Security
  • Consider tax-free investment options

Coach: Edward Schuh

Senior Investment Manager

He grew up in the Midwest, became a marine corps engineer, then transitioned into the financial industry to help people engineer a plan to financial independence.

Host: Robert Sousa

Executive Director

Military Veteran Podcast Host Helping business leaders make a greater impact for their families, employees, and community.

Coach: Brian Walker

President of The AFI Group

Financial Advisor, insurance specialist, entrepreneur and baseball fanatic who specializes in developing financial strategies that accelerate your path to financial independence.



“Advanced Financial Independence Group has been handling my wife’s and my retirement plans for about 15 years. Prior to that, my long-term savings or investment plan was growing taxable and the portfolio was exposed to volatility. Our retirement plan is on schedule to double my retirement income on a tax-free basis, without the normal volatility and risk that we had before..."


"I have been doing business with Advanced Financial Independence Group for about 20 years now. The honesty and integrity that I have experienced in that time, have been unparalleled. I was originally saving for retirement like most Americans today by trying to max out my 401K and put additional money into a brokerage account. All of my investments were vulnerable to..."


"I have been working with Advanced Financial Independence Group for 11 years now. We started working together in 2002 and even though we went through the worst decade of the S&P history, Advanced Financial Independence Group was able to triple the value of my IRA. In addition, he put me into an Advanced IUL which is on target to double my retirement income in 12 years..." © Copyright 2020

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